What makes us different?

We love to help, we don’t just offer teepee hire in Yorkshire we want to help you plan your big day so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

When you enquire with us we can help and advise as much as you want. We will let you know about the things you’ll need to consider and give you ideas for any optional extras. Not only that but we can suggest the right suppliers at the right prices. All our suppliers are fully vetted by us for reliability, cost and professionalism. If you want we can book them for you, you won’t need to worry about logistics such as deliveries, collections, what power it needs or being a point of contact – we can take care of this on your behalf. We can stay in touch as often as you’d like us to and take care of the items you’d rather not worry about in the run up to your event! Rather than talking power and toilets you can just want to plan all the fun parts!

When you book us for tipi/teepee hire in Yorkshire and you choose one of our bar packages for the party we’ll be there on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

So who turns on the generator and makes sure the venue is ready for our arrival? We will! If our bar team are there and we’ve booked the third party items for you we’ll deal with it. No need to worry about getting the power on, refilling the generator with diesel, checking the toilets are presentable or dealing with the band when they turn up. Our bar managers will fully manage your day. You don’t want to worry about ANYTHING - let us do that.

What happens if there’s a problem? As with all outdoor events things can arise that need a solution – it’s all part of the process. A generator needs attention, toilet runs out of loo roll, the last minute bouncy castle you’ve booked needs power or the groom needs a safety pin for his button hole. Our event managers see the potential issue before it becomes a problem. They are all experienced with fixing these issues and have the third party supplier details on hand for any emergency phone calls that need to be made. We’re not just there to serve drinks, we want your big day to be the best possible and will do everything in our power to make it that!


Real Life Case Study

One of our lovely wedding couples books us for tipi/teepee hire and booked our bar service too. They booked their toilets and generator themselves but let us take care of their catering and other third party suppliers. Unfortunately they encountered a few problems with the suppliers they had booked but luckily we were on hand to help. Initially their toilets wouldn’t fit through the access gate, on this occasion the toilet supplier were kind enough to return with a smaller unit that would fit. All the third suppliers we booked were advised on access issues and came in smaller vehicles. Had we booked the toilets for our client this issue (and pre wedding stress) could have been avoided.

On the day our bar team and caterers arrived early to set up, they were confronted with an old looking generator and no one around to start it. Taking the initiative they decided to fire it up so they could get on with their prep. No joy, the generator had a fault and wouldn’t start, our event manager called our own power supplier immediately and asked to them to put a back-up generator on hold as a Plan B in case our clients generator issue couldn’t be resolved. We did have to contact our Groom to authorise the potential additional hire should their generator remain unusable. After fathoming who had supplied the problematic generator and a bit of tinkering, our team managed to get it started. Thankfully, our Bride remained oblivious to the issues on the day and the remainder of the day ran incredibly smoothly. Had our team not have been there on the day these problems would have had to have been resolved by the wedding party on arrival at the teepees. The catering and bar equipment wouldn’t have been up and running until this point which would have been detrimental to the timings and flow of this very special day.

This day really highlighted to us the key reasons we encourage our clients to allow us book any third party items. It doesn’t cost anymore and it allows us to ensure that any issues can be resolved as quickly as possible. Let us do the worrying and troubleshooting!

Teepee Hire Yorkshire

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