September Teepee Weddings

September was a really busy month for teepee weddings and mobile bars! We had a beautiful teepee wedding in Applewood woodland site in Leeds, a big mobile bar hired out near Barnsley for 450 guests, another teepees wedding in the dales and another near Skipton to name just a few.

1 x Giant Teepee & 1 x Snug Teepee, Applewood.

Below are pictures from the teepee wedding in Applewood, Scoles (contact details on our suppliers page and credit to Colin Murdoch Studio the photographers): 

3 x Giant Teepees & 1 x Pagoda Tent, Draughton

Our biggest teepee wedding of September was this stunning one in Draughton, near Skipton. The bride & groom hired teepees, a full bar and booked our mobile gin bar with a selection of 15 or so gins! Each gin had its own glass, garnish and in some cases tonic too. The bar was a busy one! We stocked, on the groom’s request, a local cask ale on top of our standard draught products and it sold out! They were big drinkers at this wedding, everyone had a great time including the bartenders, and they partied until the early hours.

This teepee set up included, 3 giant teepees, our 6 x 6 meter pagoda catering tent, 2 bars, giant pole festoon lighting, fire pit, heater and hard flooring under the hessian style carpets. See the Wedding picture Gallery below (Credit to Heidi Marfitt Photography, contact on Supplier page):

450 guest Wedding Bar Hire, South Yorkshire

It’s up there with one of the biggest wedding bars we have done. We installed a 5 meter premium backlit bar into their marquee. We staffed it with 5 cocktail bartenders, 2 back backs (re-stockers) and 2 floor staff and for the first time we poured our very own Nine Poles Lager on draught. The lager went down amazing well as did the Portland Pale Ale and the cocktails did too!

Wedding for a friend

We had the pleasure of helping our friend plan her wedding in our teepees, she booked 2 giant teepees, a snug teepee and the pagoda catering tent. We also put a full bar in and another gin bar too, and it’s a good job we did too, the gin bar was busy! Every time we erect the teepees we look back in awe of them, it’s even better when you get to spend the day and evening in them too. 

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