Teepees & Bars

While we're quiet on the teepee front we've been cleaning them all down from our Christmas Teepees event. We've still been busy with cocktail bartender hire and mobile bars to hire!

We've had a couple of all-inclusive free bars over the past couple of weeks. They were both in the same venue in Sheffield. Sheffield Hallam has recently tenanted the old post office building which has been resurrected to its former glory from 1920. We supplied a 2 meter bar, draught beer, staffing and an unlimited amount of wine, bottled beer, spirits and softs for both events. We also booked Ribble Valley Catering (our main caterers) to supply canapés. The canapés looked fantastic and went down a treat! Here's some photo's of the events:

Ilkley park, along with most of Yorkshire, in December was subject to some seriously heavy and consistent rain! While it didn't "dampen our spirits" it did create a load of mud, which subsequently has to be washed off all our canvases, carpets, poles, pegs, bars and anything else we had in the park! Here's some un-pretty behind the scenes pictures of what we get up to, cleaning, drying, and organising in order to make every teepee wedding perfect.

Phase one of really thick mud being jet washed off our carpets to get them looking new again.

Because of the horrible weather in December many people had to evacuate their homes and go into temporary accommodation for Christmas. They lost their furniture and belongings in many cases, which just added to having a terrible Christmas Day and Boxing Day for them. We decided to get stuck in and help these people. We helped a local charity collect donated items and deliver them to the people in need. We were delivering sofas and fridges to bare homes, replacing water damaged electrical items at homes of the elderly and then took a load of kids toys & clothes to a container in Harrogate ready for shipment to Africa! We also emptied a flooded basement of salvageable furniture, took it away, cleaned it and stored it until the flood victims found suitable storage. 

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