Top Tips for Your Teepee Wedding

The lovely Jenny Maden of Jenny Maden Photography asked us to supply some top teepee tips for her latest blog. We thought we'd share these tips with you...

Tell us about the teepee options you offer? What sizes teepees do you offer and are they modular?

All our teepee structures can stand alone or be connected together so we can create a space as intimate or vast as needed to create your perfect wedding venue. We offer two sizes of teepee - our 'Giants' are 10.3m in diameter and our 'Snug' is slightly smaller at 8.3m making it perfect for a bar, chill out area, additional seating or dedicated dance space. The wooden beams and neutral canvas allows them to blend into the natural surroundings of a field, garden or woodland.

And what additions are available to couples, to complete and customise their teepees?

Couples can be a little overwhelmed by what's involved in creating a fully functioning outdoor venue. It's surprisingly straightforward though and we're happy to get involved in helping with all elements of a setup. We can supply the practical items such as catering tents, power and toilets (which are sometimes already available at the venue - bonus!).

Our teepees lend themselves to gorgeous finishing touches so whether it be a roaring fire pit, twinkly fairy lights or chill out furniture you're looking for, we're happy to suggest and supply items to enhance the setup and style of any event.

We also offer flexible bar options - we can bring all stock, staff and equipment and run a paying bar OR if our clients would like to supply their own drinks, we can install the bar equipment and send staff to serve their drinks throughout the day.

Tips on keeping a teepee warm during colder months?!

We're often asked whether teepees are suitable for autumn and winter weddings. The answer is YES!!! Our supplier 'Tentipi' specialise in Nordic event teepees which are built to withstand windy, wet and even snowy weather! In the winter months, you probably wouldn't want the sides raised the way you would in summer, but we can lower the sides to the ground, supply additional heating and even install double oak doors so you still have a glorious entrance whilst inside remains toasty warm.

Tips on lighting a teepee

Our teepees come with up-lighting as standard which casts a lovely soft light on the canvas. We do tend to recommend floor to peak fairy light strands around the vertical poles too, just to add that extra sparkle. Along with candles on the tables, this simple lighting is incredibly cosy and adds to the atmosphere. We offer some feature lighting options too such as a shiny mirror ball and wagon wheel chandelier complete with dim-able vintage bulbs! 

Where can teepees be pitched? Do you source the land or does the client do so?

Teepees can be set up anywhere that is reasonably flat and well drained. If our clients have a space they'd like to us we'll happily carry out a site visit to check the space is suitable. We can also recommend venues where we have worked previously that are just perfect for teepees.

Advise for couples who want a teepee wedding but are worried about the Yorkshire weather/rain/mud?!

Never be put off by the possibility of bad weather - just have a contingency plan in place eg. extra heating on standby, having a little additional space inside your set up in case you're unable to spill outside, outdoor matting in place so guests don't have to cross grass areas if it's particularly wet. This way, the worst case scenario is that you'll all be cosied up inside the teepees having a good old knees up!

We also give ourselves plenty of time, when we schedule the set up of the teepees, to make sure that the teepee are pitched in good time, even if weather is poor on the run up to the wedding day.  

Our team are always on hand to answer your questions so whether you have your heart set on a teepee wedding or you're still deciding which route to go down - get in touch!

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Top Tips for Your Teepee Wedding

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